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Oh hey there, Rockstar!

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I'm Christina Sciarretta, founder & CEO of Rockstar Real Estate & Media Group, Grom Mom, snowboarder, & writer for The Rockstar Blog. My personal mission in life is to connect, support, & empower my local Community, one home at a time. That mission translates into everything I do, including



My goal with this blog is to do WAY more than just help you make great real estate decisions. I want to do that too, but I also want to help you build your life by design. That's my passion. That means intentionally building your ideal life and self, instead of leaving it to chance and becoming a victim to your circumstances.


Whether you're looking to grow personally or professionally, to build wealth or a business, or to get inspired to create a space you love, I am here to connect, support, & empower you. Think of me as your real estate & life coach, challenging you to build the life you envision - your level 10 life. I know without a shadow of a doubt this blog will add incredible value to you, and I pray constantly that that it impacts you in a huge way and inspires you to want to: 



That's why I write this: for you. I write this blog to teach you lessons I've learned after failing forward countless times, to connect you more deeply to your family, your home, your self, your Community, your goals, and your business, and to bring a little humor and energy to your life. It's my calling, and I thank you for letting me live it out and reading my journey along the way.


Welcome to The Rockstar Lifestyle Blog. Let's build your life by design.

Peace, love, & good vibes,

Christina Sciarretta

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