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20 Cleaning Supplies Every Home Needs

I’m going to be real honest… I was today-years-old when I learned that you need to let a cleaner sit for several minutes, and some up to an HOUR before wiping off. WHAAATT? Yup. I found this out creating this blog for you about the 20 cleaning supplies that every home needs. I also learned about a few new products that I had to try and now totally love!

See, I am moving into a new home within the next 2 weeks, and with a new home, come endless possibilities for what the future holds.

To me, it’s always a chance to start fresh and new. And nothing says fresh and new to me like moving into a dust-free, clean home and starting the next chapter with my fam. It feels super exciting.

There is nothing like a positive energy shift in your life, and few things shift your energy upward, like a new place to call home. But before I move in, I want to make sure that the home I’m moving into is clean and free of dust and debris.

I wrote a post on deep cleaning your home before you move in, which I will be publishing next week (stay tuned!), but before I jump into how to, I thought it would make sense to address the cleaning supplies you’ll need in order to deep clean your home. You can have the best intentions, but if you don’t have the best supplies, your energy won’t be producing the highest quality result.

I asked our Rockstar Mom Community to weigh in on their MUST HAVE cleaning supplies and I've mixed their favorites in with mine to bring you the best products from the source!

  1. Broom/ dust pan or a cordless vacuum: I have one of the Shark Duo cordless vacuums and I will tell you, I absolutely love it and can no longer live without it! It has made sweeping the kitchen floor a breeze! The only issue with mine is that it is LOUD. Mine is a few years old though, so the newest models may be quieter.

  2. Mop & bucket (o'cedar spin mop): I am usually a steam mop fan, but I am hearing our Rockstar Moms rave about the O Cedar Spin mop! Rockstar mom Kristen Tirrell said, “I don't know how I ever lived without my o'cedar spin mop! It saves me so much time and does a better job compared to any steam mop I have owned.” Based on this review, it’s in my Amazon cart. I’ll update the blog with my review when I use it.

  3. Vacuum: A great vacuum is key. I use a Shark vacuum from the Duo Clean collection and I couldn’t possibly love this vacuum any more. It not only cleans my carpets super well, but it deodorizes the space. The best vacuum I’ve ever had. I’d choose it over Dyson. Rockstar Mom, Janelle Eykn, offered solid advice in our Facebook group. She said to remember to "clean your filters/ canister in vacuum after each use... I feel like it's game changing." I am taking her advice and checking it out myself!


  1. Multi Surface Cleaner: I use Teal Mr. Clean with Febreeze to wipe down my countertops, tub, shower, and sometimes even the floor! I mix it with 70% water in a spray bottle. It smells super fresh and light, and is excellent at getting the job done.

  2. Sponges: You can use regular sponges or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to wipe down surfaces and remove hairspray, toothpaste, etc.

  3. Scrub brush: You’ll need a scrub brush for the tub and shower. I discovered an awesome tool called the Hommit, which is a battery operated scub brush on a long arm. When it is fully charged, it works great. I linked a generic brand that has a lot of good reviews!

  4. Clorox wipes: I use the Clorox wipes for the toilet seat (separately), the faucets, the handles of the doors and shower, and the light switches.

  5. Toilet cleaner & scrubber: to keep your toilets sparkling clean, you’ll need a great toilet bowl cleaner and an abrasive brush to scrub it clean.

  6. Tile cleaner: keeping tile clean is a job that must be done before it gets out of control. Use daily shower cleaner to spray post shower, bar keepers friend or a foaming tile cleaner to maintain weekly, and Tilex mold & mildew remover in case you need it.


  1. All purpose: I love the Mrs. Meyers Lavender all purpose cleaner. It smells a lot less chemically & cleans super well.

  2. Sponges- I just learned about the Scrub Daddy & I am IN LOVE. I'm going to link a great blog if you want to dive into why this sponge is the best kitchen sponge, and I stand behind it 100%.

  3. Blue Dawn/ Palmolive lavender: Our Rockstar Moms were shouting about "blue dawn" dish soap. IDK why it has to be blue, but my girls were super specific! I personally love the Palmolive lavender & lime. (Can you tell I love lavender?)

  4. Stainless steel cleaner: if you have stainless steel appliances, you definitely need stainless steel cleaner to maintain them. Do not use all purpose cleaner or you can damage it.

Windows & Mirrors:

  1. Microfiber towels: if you want a streak free shine, you definitely need a microfiber towel. You can get them anywhere, but HERE is a link on Amazon!

  2. Glass cleaner: I have always sworn by Windex, but I was taken to the wild side with Walmart’s $5 Spray Way “World’s best” Glass Cleaner. It foams, so it doesn’t drip, and it is an excellent cleaner.

General all purpose Cleaning

  1. Swiffer dusters & Swiffer duster spray: these are a both a must. I use the Swiffer first to dust everything, and then use a paper towel or microfiber cloth & Swiffer dust and shine spray to clean the surface & remove excess dust. I love the fresh smell & it cleans super well.

  2. Clorox wipes: I genuinely hate these. I’m going to be honest. They smell so strongly of chemicals, it nearly makes me sick, and the fragrances on top is just not for me. BUT… they are so handy for wiping down handles, faucets, door knobs, & light switches. I’m on the hunt for wipes that will truly disinfect a surface , but don’t smell like they’re burning my sinuses. Comment below if you have a suggestion for me!

  3. Magic eraser: These are a true gift. They can remove nearly every mark from any surface. If they can’t, chances are, it’s not coming off. I’m not a huge fan of the magic erasers wit the cleaners in them, because they get way too soapy and then are depleted of cleaner after 2 uses.

  4. Bar keepers friend: I have used bar keepers friend and LOVE ITTTTT. I use it on everything from stainless steel, to my corian sink (it’s the only thing that removes the marks), to the oven racks, and even the bathroom. It’s a mild abrasive that works super well.

  5. The Pink stuff: The Pink stuff is a wax paste that Tik Tok and our Rockstar Moms SWEAR BY. I just bought it, so I will circle back with my review, but Rockstar Agent Lynsey Tomlinson's physical demeanor changes when she talks about this cleaner. She says she uses it for nearly everything

Did I forget any cleaning products that you love?? I’m sure I did, so comment your favorites below, and I’ll give them a try and edit the list if it’s awesome enough!

Peace, Love, & Good Vibes,

Christina Sciarretta


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