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our mission


It's not just about business to us at Rockstar. 

We have a Community Mission to connect, support and empower our local women through social media, live and virtual events, and local meetups.


We do this with four Rockstar Community Facebook Groups. Keep scrolling to find out about each group!

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Rockstar Moms

of atlantic county


rockstar moms


This group is dedicated Atlantic County Moms. The mission is the same, but the content and conversation is aimed specifically at connecting, supporting, and empowering you as an Atlantic County mother with hot topics, tips, giveaways, activities, events, local updates, and so much more. This is a place of respectful conversation, inspiration, and joy, where we value each Mom's perspective as uniquely her's and just perfect.

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of the traveling wine


the rockstar sisterhood


This group is dedicated to Atlantic County Women of any stage of life (so long as they are 21+)!  In this group, local women spread peace, love, and good vibes to other women they may or may not know by playing knock knock zoom with wine, treats, giftcards, etc.


The magic is in the handwritten note that each Sister must write to the other when they "wine" them, to facilitate connection, support, and empowerment. The Sisterhood is a powerful movement spreading not only through our County, but throughout the nation!


the rockstar bossbabe mastermind


This is a mastermind group for local female business owners and those who are aspiring. We will discuss and share best practices on topics related to business finance, goal setting, planning, marketing, leadership, operations, sales, stress management, and so many more issues that effect business owners. 


the legend of the jersey shore mermaid


This group is dedicated to connecting, supporting and empowering our little Rockstars! We created a story about a mermaid named Waverly to spark wonder and inspiration in young girls, right at the Jersey Shore. The facebook group is centered around the story and is a place where girls can go to share their photos of mermaid treasures, ask mermaid questions, participate in fun activities and learn valuable lessons about kindness, courage, and chasing their dreams! 


the rockstar leadership squad


The Leadership Squad is the heartbeat of the Rockstar Community. It is comprised of humble, hungry, and brilliant local female leaders from around Atlantic County, who vary in their perspectives, yet are united in their mission to connect, support, and empower our local women. They produce positive, inspiring content aimed at their mission, guide the conversations in their groups to be positive and respectful, engage with the Community, grow the community, and even facilitate events and local meetups to connect their Community.


They are the quintessential Jersey Shore Girl Boss Squad and they are freaking awesome...

If you have leadership qualities, are positive-minded and have a desire to connect, support, and empower the women of your community, to build friendships, and to grow as a woman and a Leader, then #jointhesquad!

You'll first be asked a series of questions to help you identify your talents and passions and to get clarity on how you can bring that which fires you UP to our Community! 

You'll be added to the private Leadership Squad Facebook group, where we plan events, classes, meetups, webinars, etc. We'll come together to bring fresh ideas and tangible action items to help you grow into the badass Boss that you both are & are becoming!


Our Rockstars serve the community in by being on a (or several) team(s), depending on her area of interest and talent and the time she has and can give! Keep scrolling to see all of our teams!



they plan, create, design, find, & share content and create the experience!


they handle various administrative tasks for the group!


they network with local businesses to create a win-win for sponsorships!


they help plan, coordinate, promote, and/or host live and virtual events!


they bring the Community to life by interacting with, encouraging, supporting, and inspiring our girls on social!


Our leadership team makes the wheel spin! They are the most devoted and most connected to the mission. They serve their Community by teaching others how to be Rockstars and ensuring that the experience in their area is awesome! They learn the roles of their teams, they teach new Rockstars how to not only do their role effectively, but how to live like a Rockstar, connecting, supporting, and empowering others wherever they go!