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hey, we're 

we're a real estate team with


Our Mission is to connect, support, & empower Communities- one home at a time & our vision is to be the #1 real estate team of choice among Buyers, Sellers, & A+ Talent.

We are a team of Jersey Shore real estate agents with deep roots & a love for our local community. We focus on consistently improving our skills and service so that we're able to serve our Community at the highest level.


We also have a passion for the local lifestyle.


To us, that means endless beach days, shredding waves and fishing, which fade into fun family nights on the boardwalk.

It means boating around the bay or floating on a stand up paddle board with some friends.


It means enjoying fresh seafood and drinks with a side of laughter and cheer.

It means exploring the different towns along the coast and immersing yourself in the vibe & culture.


Because we're passionate about the local lifestyle, we not only sell homes, but we plan fun and immersive events & experiences for our Community throughout the year! We want to share our love of the Jersey Shore with you. There is no place we'd rather be, and our hope is to connect you to it, to support you in it, and to empower you to live the Jersey Shore lifestyle to the max.

If you're looking to buy or sell a home, we want to earn the right to become your #1 choice. We sell our listings higher and faster than our competitors & we are chief negotiators who are able to negotiate the best terms for our Buyers & Sellers.

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our community is our heartbeat

We also love our Community, so we operate a Community outreach, called Rockstar Moms of the Jersey Shore. It gives us a chance to leave the world better than we found it, by hosting fun family events and meetups to connect our Community, creating content to support & empower, and sprinkling pineapple magic with exciting giveaways.

Real Estate Team
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Community Outreach
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OUR Mission

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To connect, support, & empower communities worldwide, one home at a time

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To be the number one team of choice among buyers, sellers, & A+ talent

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OUR Values

Be. Do Achieve : achievement comes after we become the person who takes right action.

Client-Obsessed : never satisfied with the experience we provide

Local Community : make an intentional ImpACT

Excellence : in every area of our business

Contribution : focus on giving, not on receiving

Growth : personally, professionally, constantly.

Ambition: set and achieve big goals. big goals = big life

Solutions: always bring solutions, not problems

Integrity: do the right thing 100% of the time

Gratitude: the mindset that changes everything

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OUR beliefs

Life by design not by default

Clarity is Power

Your cells eavesdrop on your thoughts

Your business grows to the extent that you do

What you focus on expands

No pressure - No diamonds

You can have reasons or results, and you can’t have both

Fear or Faith… You choose

Focus on the plan, not the problem

Keep your emotions between the lines

How you show up here is how you show up everywhere

If it is not on your schedule, it doesn't exist

Success is simple, not easy

Change the way you look at things and things you look at change

The purpose of business is to fund an ideal life

Complaining = Garbage Magnet

Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides

Don’t mistake movement for achievement

People will grow into the conversations you create around them

There is no try

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why a pineapple?

Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality and welcoming. As your local real estate team, it is our life's work to welcome others into our Communities and get them connected, as they begin their next chapter.


Our logo, also known as Roxy, has sunglasses & bubbles or rays of sunshine extending to represent the Jersey Shore Beach Lifestyle & the impact we seek to make.

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Christina Sciarretta


(609) 246-0214

Christina is the visionary & leads and coaches the team to our MVVBP, driving culture & excellence in every department. 

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Alexis McCarthy


(856) 449-3598

Alexis serves her clients with a ton of heart! If you're looking for an Agent who treats each transaction like her own, & you like family, Lex is your Agent.

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Brianna Chelednik


(609) 464-2703

Brianna uses her networking & marketing expertise to get her listings sold FAST & at the highest dollar value. 

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Katie Falkiewicz


(609) 808-2340

Katie provides the ultimate experience for her clients, using her skill, drive, and passion for helping others to help them start their next chapter. Clients rave about Katie's commitment to her clients!


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Courtney Coady


(609) 576-8227

Courtney brings experience & expertise as an award winning Mega Agent to serve her clients at the highest level! You need a shark? She's your girl!

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Elisha Ola

virtual assistant

(609) 246-0214

Elisha keeps us neat, clean, & organized behind the scenes, by handling all of the detail tasks needed to keep us focused & going strong!