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Financial Zen

Financial zen is a state of financial well-being in which you know and understand your finances, are managing them effectively, & FEEL PEACE about your financial situation. 

How would it feel to have financial zen in your life... to feel ...peace... about your money?

I didn't grow up with mindsets & habits around money that set me up for success. In fact, I grew up with almost no real understanding of money at all and false beliefs that could really have sabotaged my future. 

But from my early twenties, I began studying money, forming new beliefs around it, and taking action to responsibly manage & grow it, failing, and then learning deeper lessons.

My goal with this collection is to share those lessons with you, because I know they will have a profound impact on your financial future if you'll take the right steps. At Rockstar, we want to help you manifest your BEST life. So let's build your life by design by manifesting financial zen.

Image by Josh Appel
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