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Be Present

“There is always a clear division between 2 attitudes. The first attitude occurs in the ones who are impatient to advance, who resent the menial work. They want to run before they crawl. They want to get ahead quickly, but they are resisting where they are, and thus there is an energy block. The second attitude occurs in the ones who have a love for the work, who want to absorb everything at the level where they are. They are willing to be patient with their growth within the process, and their work flows easily and joyfully as a result. 🤭👏🏻😍👉🏻If we are so wound up and getting somewhere, we don’t realize that every step of the way we missed where we were. The irony of personal growth is that when we slow down and fully engage in the present, we usually get to where we really want to go faster.”

What an incredible reminder of what I already know, but so easily “pretend not to know”, and keep rushing. How many of us set goals, get there and go #1: how did this happen and #2: why doesn’t it feel as great as I expected it to.... BE WHERE YOU ARE! BE PRESENT.

PS shout out to my girl Danielle Calcagni for this adorable pineapple 🍍 😭😭😍😘 #lovemygirl

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