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5 Signs You Are Ready To Upgrade Your Home

If you are wondering if your you are ready for a home upgrade, you're in the right spot. I recently purchased my 6th home in 12 years and I have zero regrets with any of them.

Each home was a stepping stone that provide the financial means to purchase the next. Each one played a part in leading my husband and I to purchasing our 6th home, our dream home. If I hadn't listened to the pull to upgrade my home, then my life, I can ASSURE YOU, would be very different.

Although many will disagree with me, I believe that if your home doesn't work well for you at any stage, you can and should sell it and find a better home that DOES meet your needs and desires.

As a REALTOR® and someone who has purchased 6 homes and sold 5 of my own and hundreds of others, I don't find buying and selling real estate to be scary or bad. I find it to be an excellent way to slowly upgrade your lifestyle, build financial wellness, and manifest the life of your dreams. (Provided of course that you have a great real estate team on your side... wink!)

Here are 6 signs that you may be ready for an upgrade of your own! If you are, I encourage you to release your fear and instead, connect with us, so that we can help you decide what the best decision is for YOU.

1. You dislike things about your current home that either can't be changed or cost too much to change.

A lot in a home can be changed, but there are some items that are permanent structures, due to things like location, your budget, or the cost of the improvement vs. the value that you will get out of it.

Sometimes things that suited us in our homes at one time, suddenly stop suiting us. That's okay. This is your life, and your home should support it... which leads us to #2.

2. Your home feels like it’s getting in the way of your lifestyle instead of supporting it.

When we first moved back to NJ, we moved to a farming town, about 45 minutes away from the beach. It was where my husband was from and having my in-laws close while Andrew was deployed or in Police Academy, and free Pre-K felt like a total win for us. And it was. It was a huge blessing for a time.

But I am fully, wholly, unapologetically, a mermaid at heart.

My life had always revolved around the beach - the same beach. MY beach. I went to the same beach for my entire life, and it was a total lifestyle for me. I would even drive to the beach to take a nap in my beach chair between my 3 jobs when I was in my early 20's.

Farm Land did NOT work the mermaid lifestyle.

45 minutes from the beach with 2 little gromlins (tiny surfers) and a growing business did not work. Moving to the beach was exactly what I needed. It changed the entire life and wellbeing of our whole family.

So if your home isn't supporting your lifestyle, that's okay too! You may be ready for an upgrade.

3. You are increasingly bothered by the location

When we lived in the farming town, we didn't move to the beach right away. We first bought a beach house 3.5 blocks from MY beach. It was a dream come true!

That is... until Janis.

Janis was our nightmare neighbor that we met before we even bought the beach house, when we were scolded us for leaving the tiny half window 1970's curtain in the kitchen open during inspection. 2 hours. That's how long she spent out front of the home, telling us every reason we shouldn't buy the home. (She LOVED her silence.)

I should've heeded the warning. Janis made our lives misery. She called the city on us for the placement of our bikes, constantly complained and scolded us, gave our kids the evil eye, and made sure we knew that our gutters needed repair on the one side, because rain was leaking on her 2 foot walk way from our 2 foot walkway.

Janis. I swear my blood runs cold when I think of her. We ended up selling the home, and moving just offshore full-time, because we couldn't stand living next to her. We ended up with awesome neighbors and a huge stressor was removed.

Maybe it's the neighbors for you too, or your neighborhood, or the traffic, or the noise. Whatever it is, you can't change location, unless you... CHANGE LOCATION. So if that's you, it might be time for a home upgrade.

4. Your home sucks your energy instead of amplifying your energy

As a REALTOR®, I have been inside of countless homes and I can tell you... the energy in every home is different. Some homes truly suck the life out of you, whether because of lack of light, tons of clutter, no storage space, strange layout, energetic disturbances, poor paint colors, or just bad vibes all around.

I showed an all black home years ago, and it was the most soul-sucking, awful home I have ever been in. It felt like I was trapped in a hole. People have wild style, and no idea about what it does to their own personal energy.

You might not realize, until after living in the home for a while, that your energy is depleted instead of refreshed at home. While it is true that it could be negative energy from your spouse or kids, it could also be your home.

Other homes have incredible energy. When you walk in, you feel good. The light is placed just right, the layout provides the perfect flow, and the home feels cozy, but not cluttered. It feels clean and neat without feeling sterile.

If you notice that your home is sucking energy from you, it might be time for an upgrade.

5. You crave a fresh start in a clean home, where you can start all over, declutter, deep clean, organize, and level up your life.

There are seasons of life that require a fresh start. That looks different for everyone. Perhaps you went through a super tough season, and you're ready to break through. You might feel like a fresh start is exactly what you need.

While I don't suggest that a home will 100% make you "feel better"... I will say that your space plays such a super vital role in your quality of life, and I have helped countless clients relocate and upgrade their home, because they needed to truly begin a new chapter.

A move is fresh & invigorating. You have an opportunity to purge old clutter and move into a clean home that you can completely reorganize to suit your lifestyle. I'm currently doing this and it is ROCKINGGGGG my world. It feels amazing.

If you're craving a fresh start, it might be a sign that it is time to upgrade.

So, Are you ready?

Okay so how did you do?? How many boxes did you check? Do you think it's time to make a move? If so, I'd like to invite you to contact us and let us help you unpack your desires and help you determine whether moving is a great option for you.

Until next time, I'm sending you:


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