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12 Transformations I experienced on my Growth Journey

For the last four years, I have been on a personal growth pilgrimage. Since I was 16 and made the commitment to give my heart and my life to God, I adopted the belief that God loves me just the way that I am, AND that he won't leave me the way he found me.

I've always known that God was calling me to be and do better, yet I never actually knew where to begin, and let's be real... I'm a big pile of mess to sort through! No one had ever come along side of me and explained personal growth to me as a way of life. In hindsight, I see that I always craved growth, evolution, & transformation yet I never had the vocabulary to voice it, and unpack it. When I began my journey with God at 16, I knew I had seen a transformation within myself, but I was still making crappy decisions, losing control of my emotions, wearing shame & guilt like an old worn coat that is just too small and uncomfortable and gets in the way of everything, letting my health take the back burner, and getting totally stuck in countless ways.

It wasn't until my early thirties that I began taking ownership of my own life, and adopting the belief that God wouldn't give me a vision if he didn't want me to live it out. I then began taking intentional steps in my own personal growth in many areas of my life. I made the choice to live a life by design, instead of living a life by default. That meant that I would decide what I wanted my life to look like, instead of letting life happen to me, and then I would take appropriate action to craft that life I saw in my dreams, allowing God to take control and course correct me at any point He saw fit.

It sounds easy. It's not. Growth is hard. Oh my gosh, it's literally THE hardest thing I've ever committed to. When you're in the fire of growth, it burns away all of the yuck in your heart, soul, mind, and body, and transforms you. To expect it to be easy is just nonsense. It can and does often feel like pain. But wait... if you just hang in there, you'll learn a profound piece (and peace) of wisdom... pain is the greatest teacher. Growth isn't easy, but it is worth it every single time.

Throughout the last four years, I've witnessed massive transformation in my own heart, mind, spirit, body, and life, and I want to share this wisdom with you bad... like so so bad.

So bad that it emanates from me almost any time you interact with me. I can't not speak the language of growth, because of the massive transformation I have seen in myself. I want this for you. My passion, mission, and life's work is to connect God's love to you, so one of the ways I am honoring that this year is by teaching on each of these transformative areas, in hopes that it lights a fire in your heart, mind, or soul, and helps you to discover God's purpose for your life. I will be writing a blog each month to teach what I learned on one of these 12 transformative areas. I divided them into 2 categories. The first, Transformation of Self focuses on the key areas of life transformation. The second, Transformation Through Practice focuses on powerful practices to evoke transformation in your life.

8 Transformations of Self

  1. Rockstar Transformation of the Way I Love

  2. Rockstar Transformation of My Health

  3. Rockstar Transformation of My Spirit

  4. Rockstar Transformation of My Family

  5. Rockstar Transformation of My Fun

  6. Rockstar Transformation of My Money

  7. Rockstar Transformation of My Career

  8. Rockstar Transformation of My Inner Circle

4 Transformation Through Practice

  1. Rockstar Transformation Through Morning Practice

  2. Rockstar Transformation Through Self Care Practice

  3. Rockstar Transformation Through Gratitude Practice

  4. Rockstar Transformation Through Presence & Peace

WARNING: Tuning in to these teachings alone will not evoke transformation in your life. Doing the work will evoke transformation in your life. My hope is that the wisdom that I share will either be the lead domino that pushes you into your own personal growth journey or the fire that lights the path beneath your feet, if you've simply lost your way. I refer to this project of mine, as sprinkling Rockstar magic. I'll sprinkle some glitter on you in the form of wisdom, and then you take it from there and bring it all the way home, deal?

When I refer to "the work", understand that looks different each time. Sometimes you will be journaling or reading or creating or sweating, or getting out of your comfort zone in some way, but you will always be taking time in silence to reflect on what resonated most with you. The goal is to design the life of your dreams, not to simply make progress in a few areas. This requires space. Space to reflect, space to think, space to plan, space to pray, and space to be.

The beautiful thing about growth, is that it never stops. There is always more to learn and more work to do on (and IN) ourselves, because I believe God (however you refer to God) loves you exactly the way you are, AND He won't leave you where He found you....

Here are your action items for this month. Don't wait until next month. Do it today. Or tonight. But within 48 hours max. You just might find that it gives you the push you need to get unstuck and start moving, before my next blog is even published.

This exercise may be done in one long sesh. It may be done in several sessions. The more you put into it, the more you'll get out. Powerful questions lead to profoundly powerful answers. Take a deep breath....exhale.... I'm stoked for our journey into your level 10 life. Let's Begin.

STEP ONE: MEDITATION: Spend a minimum of 5-20 minutes in silence. You can do a guided meditation (my favorite is Headspace), or you can listen to quiet music or simply just sit. Take 5 -10 full, deep, slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Close your eyes and bring your focus to your breath. feel your belly moving in and out. That is where presence begins. Take it up a notch, by placing one hand on your chest and one hand on your tummy. Smile! (This always makes me feel safe, supported, and ultra joyful.)

If your mind wanders, let it. Once you notice it, just bring it right back to your breath. PS- meditation is a practice not a talent, so give yourself grace.


Now reflect on these questions, Then pick up your journal and begin to free write. Let whatever comes to you come out onto the paper.

  • If you had to rate your own satisfaction with yourself in each transformative area, with 1 being Not satisfied at all and 10 being highly satisfied, how would you rate each area?

  • What would level 10 look like in each transformational area? Free write it all out, and be careful not to resist any thought or idea. Your job isn't to evaluate yet. It is to simply let it flow from your heart and mind to the paper. Note that this is where limiting beliefs tend to creep in. If you think small, it is because you have been taught to think small, not because it is truth. You're not small. You matter. You are important. Your dreams matter. Do not be unclear. Where you aim is where you'll fire. At least fire at the right target. God wouldn't give you a vision of level 1o, if He didn't want you to live it out. What is level 10 for you in each area? Free write like a mad hatter. All the dreams.

  • Once you are complete with the previous exercise, reflect back at your answers for each area and see if you can identify any themes in your level 10 life, or anything that sticks out to be more important or more significant than the rest. Circle it. Write out any themes you see.

  • Which of these 12 Transformational areas resonates with you the most? Choose 1 or choose your top 3.

  • What about that particular area is so significant to you? Why does it resonate so deeply? Peel back the layers and get honest with yourself. Sit with your answers. Don't rush.

  • What would need to happen in order to feel that you're at a level 10 in that area? Does it actually even matter to you?

  • Reflecting back at all that you wrote, what is the ONE THING that you could do, such that by doing it, everything else needed to achieve your Level 10 life would easier or unnecessary? Only one thing. It has to be powerful enough to make a significant positive dent in your life. You know what that thing is, if we're being honest. Let's be honest.

  • What is one action step you could take TODAY to do that one thing?

Now go do it, and I'll see you back here next time. If you haven't yet, check out the other blogs in out Intro to Growth teaching/ blog series:

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