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What exactly is wealth & is it possible for me?

Okay listen, I'm on a journey to build generational wealth for my family. Want to join me?

(Add that to the list of things you never thought you anyone would ask you.)

I didn’t come from money, so I never had the relationship with and understanding of money that would lead to me becoming wealthy. That is something I have to learn on my own.

As I study wealth building, I’m slowly developing understanding, mindsets, practices, and habits that are necessary to be able to build generational wealth.

I wonder if you’re like me…

I’m bringing you along on my journey with me, because I have a feeling that you might just be.

Perhaps, like me, you grew up in a middle or lower income household, so you have limited understanding and mindsets about money and wealth. If so, that's totally cool. This blog post is precisely written for you.

What is wealth?

To someone who didn’t come from wealth (moi), the word wealth sounds like something reserved for Saudi Princes. Or like Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales! Remember that theme song? (If not CLICK HERE) You can see Scrooge swimming in a sea of gold and being chased by a wave of treasure. Like… THAT is what I think of when I think of the word wealth. Or did…

On Season 5, Episode 1 of his Think Like a CEO Podcast (which inspired this blogpost) Billionaire Gary Keller defines "wealth" for us. He says wealth is “a state of mind’ and that it is an “outward manifestation of an inward focus”.

Say what?

The purpose of wealth, he explains, is “to finance the material foundation necessary for you to chase your personal mission/ purpose for your life”. In other words, everything begins with your life mission or purpose, and wealth is being able to pay for your mission without working.

That is… solidly not what I thought.

What is a wealthy person?

He goes on to say that “a wealthy person is someone who has accumulated the unearned (passive) income to achieve their life mission/ purpose. It is not the endless pursuit of money.”

Apparently it’s not Scrooge McDuck vibes. Wow. Mind. Blown.

But wait. Let’s pause for a second.

What would it be like to have enough passive income (meaning money that you did/do not work for) to achieve your life mission & purpose?

#1: Do you know what your life mission/ purpose is? If not, stay tuned to the Rockstar Lifestyle Blog, because I will be posting about this for you, since it’s the most necessary starting point for your wealth building journey.

Everyone is different. Maybe your purpose is to explore the best surf spots around the globe, or to live on the island and spend quality time every Summer day with your family at the beach, or to build a business, or to serve your family or Community.

There really is no limit, except what is important to YOU.

My personal mission is to build a transformational real estate & lifestyle brand that connects, supports, & empowers Communities worldwide, one home at a time.

If I could do that all day every day and not ever have to worry about how much I got paid, I would feel absolutely free.

That’s what it means to be a wealthy person: You are able to live out your life purpose, with reckless abandonment, because you have enough money to fund your life without ever having to work again.

But doesn’t wealth change you?

If you didn’t grow up with an abundance mindset, you may also have unintentionally adopted the belief that money will change you. I know for sure, I did.

I want to let you know that a belief is just a thought that you keep on thinking. It’s not an absolute truth.

Gary says money absolutely does not change you. What it does do, is AMPLIFY you.

If you were generous before, you will be more generous.

If you were greedy, you will be more greedy.

He says “You shouldn’t be afraid of what money will change about you. You should be afraid of what money will reveal about you.” Ouch, GK. But also, wow.

Can I become wealthy?

YOU absolutely can become wealthy. No matter where you are financially right now, you can change the entire trajectory of your life. The following quote may sound direct, but breakthroughs are found in discomfort, so hang with me…

In the podcast, GK says, “Money will come to you when you begin doing the right things. If you do not have the money you want right now, it is simply because you are not currently doing the right things.”

If you remove all judgement around that, there is a lot of freedom, because...

If I’m currently doing the WRONG things,

it means that I can simply LEARN

the RIGHT things to do,

put them into PRACTICE,

and I CAN become wealthy

I CAN live out my life mission

without ever having to worry about the MONEY

to fund it or my lifestyle.

Will you please re-read that paragraph again… out loud, if possible? Only this time, when you say “I”, internalize it. Read it as though you are saying it out loud to me.

Whoa, dude. Did you just have a breakthrough?

If not, bummer. Keep hanging with me, and you probably will. If so, that's awesome. I hope today is a transformational day in your life! It's why I wrote this. For you.

If you're ready to take the next step and undue some wrong mindsets around money, I invite you to click below just to let me know that you’re joining me on my wealth building journey and that you want me to continue making content to teach about it!

Want to join me on my wealth building journey?

  • I'm in! Create more content!

Wealth, Rockstar, begins with your mindset. In the podcast, GK says “You have to become financially wealthy in your mind before you can ever become financially wealthy in your life.”

This is your starting point. Where will you go from here? Let’s do it together.

Peace, love, & good vibes,

Christina Sciarretta


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