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How to Actually Keep Your NY Resolution

Are we going to do this again? Are we going to set resolutions, yet again, that you're not going to follow through with? Hell no, we're not. You are in Rockstar territory and we would never let you do a thing like that. We love you too much to leave you where we find you! In this blog, we're going to learn how to make a resolution stick. I'm going to share the secret with you, that my research of the world's most successful people over the last 10 years has revealed... are you ready? It’s almost here. Wait for it... here it comesssssss...


Purpose is the defining factor in taking the World's most average humans to the top, and it's the defining factor in getting you out of bed in morning to follow through with your resolution or goal(s). You must connect the goal to your purpose. We also call this finding your why.

Willpower Isn't Enough

Think about the resolution that you want to make. For the sake of discussion, let’s say your resolution/goal is to lose 15 lbs. We tend to focus on mustering the willpower to do the things that lead to us losing 15 lbs, but a funny, unspoken thing happens once we begin getting into the flow: Homeostasis. Homeostasis is defined by Siri (reliable source, duh.) as "the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes."

Once your brain gets untwisted from that definition, I'll give you mine: The tendency to revert to the way things were, before you started shaking shit up. i also like to refer to it as “Homeo-stay-in-bed-sis“. You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. You're stoked about a new resolution or goal, and two weeks into it, you begin to lose motivation. By week three, you fizzle out and revert back to the comfy. Homeostasis. And here's the point at which it happens:

Right at that tender spot where you've let go of one way, but haven't yet fully embedded the new way into your mind and body.

In other words... as the magic is happening, but you can’t see it bubbling under the surface. Thats a normal thing that happens. See that twisted definition up above? That is saying that it's a normal tendency we humans have, so stop telling yourself the story that you're a failure. You're not. You're just a human. So how is that we can get around such a natural, normal physiological process to achieve our goals? The answer is simple, but it's not easy...

Be. Do. Have: You Must First Become

When we manufacture the willpower (which is in short supply) to stick with our resolution or goal, we miss the most important part. The foundation... the root... the lead domino in all of it is "Be". You must first become the type of person who does the types of things that people do, who have the result that you want to have. Only then will you have the result you desire. So let's work backwards in steps.

  • You want to have a result (lose 15 lbs).

  • When you lose 15 lbs, it will make you feel _____

  • It will make you feel ____ because _______

  • When you lose 15 lbs, you will be the type of person who ____

  • Therefore the root of the goal or the purpose is to become the kind of person who ______.

Purpose Opens The Door To What's Possible

Once you discover the "Be", you've discovered your purpose. Congrats! Begin to ask yourself what's possible if you were to become the type of person who _______? What other implications does it have? If you're the type of person who loses 15 lbs after the holidays, are you now suddenly the type of person who is committed? Are you the type of person who is focused on health and growth? Are you now the type of person who achieves their goals? Are you now an achiever?? Look at you! You thought it was this little thing, but now you see what’s possible. Do you see the power here? THIS is what will get you out bed to the 5:30am yoga class. THIS is what will cause you to say yes to _(insert whatever here)_ and no to _(insert whatever here)_.

Here’s the deal, you're not setting another damn resolution that you're not going to follow in 2021. I can’t have that, so I'm not letting you. It's pointless and it's going to drag your energy down and make you feel like a failure. Take time to uncover and connect with your purpose, and you will be amazed at the degree of motivation that flows with ease. Oh, and remember, when you hit that previously invisible sweet spot, where the magic is beginning, but homestasis wants you to homeo-stay-in-bed-sis... remember who it is you want to become. And get your ass up. Until next time, Rockstar Community, I'm sending you peace, love, and good vibes from my home to your's!


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