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The 66 Day Pre-Listing Challenge: Part One

It's just a gimmick, right? There is no way this 2 part blog will make you $10,000. If that's what you're thinking, I get it, I might say the same thing too, if I were you. Yet here you are. And you my friend, are indeed about to make $10,000 or more when you sell your home, simply because you decided to trust me enough to read this.

I'm Christina Sciarretta, expert REALTOR® & CEO of Rockstar Real Estate & Media Group at Keller Williams Jersey Shore. For the last 11 years, I've studied what makes homes sell fast and at the highest value that the market commands. I now lead and coach a team of REALTORS® in Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, & Camden Counties. My team is highly trained on the techniques that I teach, but for the first time ever, I'm sharing my research and expertise with you all in this blog. I have also created an ebook version, which you can access by clicking below!

The $10k will be the result of the commitment that you make to following my instructions step by step without diversion. My hope is that you'll see the value in this challenge and will know by the end that there is no other team you'd want to work with to sell your home. Let's get to work!

The Four Phases

1. DECLUTTER & ORGANIZE: During the first two-week phase of the challenge, you will be packing up a lot of your belongings. It will be the hardest part of the challenge, which is why we put it first!

2. CLEAN EVERYTHING:The next two-week phase is spent cleaning your home from top to bottom. There are no shortcuts for this and it absolutely will make the difference between 0-$10k.

3. MAKE REPAIRS/ PAINT: The third stage will depend primarily on the specific work that may or may not need to be done. The best way to know the right repairs to make is to call us at Rockstar and let us take a tour to tell you how to maximize your ROI.

4. STAGE: The final step is all about staging. We will give you staging tips in this ebook, but this one is best left up to the pros to maximize your space. Call us and we will have one of our experts take a tour and give specific feedback!


One of the most essential tasks in maximizing the profit on selling your home is to declutter, depersonalize, & organize your space. Buyers must imagine themselves in the space. We set the right vibe by creating as expansive & bright a space as we can.

  • Declutter, Depersonalize & Organize Common Spaces

  • Declutter, Depersonalize & Organize Bedrooms & Closets

  • Declutter, Depersonalize, & Organize Bathrooms

  • Declutter & Organize Attic, Basement, Garage

  • Declutter & Organize Outdoors

Pro Tip: Create a things to pack & things to leave list to keep your organized & efficient. Making the plan beforehand will help you move through quickly, instead of thinking about each item.

Phase 2. Clean Everything... And I Mean Everything

We don't sell our homes the same way we live in our homes. Oftentimes, we fail notice the wear and tear and small neglected areas, in our homes, because we are used to it. In order to sell at the highest value, you MUST clean absolutely everything, from the ceiling fans to the baseboards. It's not anyone's favorite part, yet making an extra $10k in 66 days requires elbow grease. Get comfortable getting uncomfortable! Below, you'll see the areas that we recommend you draw strict attention to. We've also included a cleaning checklist. You get a printable version by downloading the 66 day challenge!

Stay Tuned For Part 2 Next Week!

Stay tuned to the Rockstar Blog next week as we finish off our series of the 66 Day Pre-Listing Challenge! Don't want to wait until next week? Don't worry, we've got you! Simply click below to take the 66 day Challenge and you'll get:

The Rockstar 66 Day Challenge E Book

Valuable Checklists

66 Day Plan & Tracker

Prompted questions to help you gain clarity around your move

Email Check-ins after each phase to offer help, guidance, and answers to questions

Helpful resources along the way to guide you through the process

Free Home Valuation



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