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My Very First Tattoo

I did a thing!

Yesterday I went to AC and supported a lifelong girlfriend of mine, Danielle Rivera and her hubby at House of Ink! I got my pineapple, but I also got these three powerful words permanently written on my body. Dianna Kokoszka says these are the three things that you should look for in a new squad hire, but as I really thought about and meditated on those 3 things, I realized 2 things: 1. You attract that which you are. My lifelong goal is to build an incredible squad of bosses who exemplify these 3 qualities. So I need to be these 3 things at all times inside and outside! I need to attract that which I am. My squad. My tribe. If you are this, you are my people. But also, 2. I truly believe if you are these 3 things, you can’t NOT be successful.

1. You must be HUNGRY- willing to learn and grow constantly! Every freaking day. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

2. HUMBLE: literally NOONE cares how great you say you are. Take it down 11 notches. Don’t tell everyone how great you are- Be great for you. For YOUR big “why”. Egos never win in more than one area of life. And if your big why is that people will see you & that will give you satisfaction, therapy might be the best thing first.. just saying

3. SMART. Ouch. This sent chills down my spine. True confessions: I have a big personality. But crazy awful self-talk. I literally have to talk myself up to do anything, because I constantly tell myself “I’m an idiot”. I truly am very forgetful. But so is my kid. And so is my mom. It’s my DNA. I don’t remember shit. So I tell myself “You’re an idiot. You can’t do this, because you’re not smart! All you are is a big personality and a facade. There is no substance. You are not smart. Just give up.”

The struggle is real, Y’all. It’s a battle. I hear “you’re not doing the right thing” from so many people but no one’s voice is as powerful as my own. Today I took that shit back. When I look at my wrist, I’m going to remind myself to BE hungry, humble and smart. I’m gonna be remind myself that I’m looking for hungry humble smart people. But also, that I AM hungry humble AND SMART. I’m determined to change the shit in my mind and break barriers to grow where I need to. U should too.


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