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My Very First Editorial Work!

Whoa! Surreal! My very first article for my very first column! (quite possibly my only column ever, but vibe w me anyway) This feels way scarier than I expected it to! But then again, listen... this is my heart. So if you like my heart, you’ll love my column! And if you don’t like my heart, then...shoot 😒...but Shore Local Newsmagazine has plenty of other interesting articles by the area’s most talented local writers! Get your issue here!

PS: I realize there are some formatting issues. Grace and mercy please!🙏🏻🙏🏻 I don’t know what I’m doing and formatting got messed up in translation😂😭. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? I have the copy since it is easier to read below the photo!

Hey Y’all! I’m Christina Sciarretta. I’m an Atlantic County-born and raised beach bum (and 3rd generation Real Estate Agent) from a long line of AC surfers and lifeguards. I’m also the wife of an Army Vet, a mom of two, a former hip hop and ballet teacher, and the President and CEO of The Sciarretta Collection of Keller Williams Jersey Shore- Atlantic & Cape May County’s Favorite Residential Real Estate and Media Team! I’m also a self proclaimed “Good Vibe Seeker”. What is a good vibe seeker? It’s pretty simple, really... I’m just on the hunt for good vibes constantly- things that bring joy, life, energy, happiness, and ALL the good things. I have a huge passion for people, happiness, AC, and entrepreneurship.

About a year ago, I finally decided to stop living under a ceiling of achievement, and frankly stopped giving a crap about what people thought about my life and business. I loved my career as an agent, but I wanted more for my life. My soul craved to do something that had deep meaning. Something authentic to me. I wanted to find a way to combine my passions: (real estate, people, AC, and good vibes) and to create a business that was... Ceiling-Less. I totally made that word up but dang, it’s kind of powerful, don’t you think? “Ceiling-Less”.

Without a ceiling. Without a limit.

Imagine that for one moment, in your own life. What if you could do whatever you wanted? Imagine taking your passions and combining them with systems and models to create something amazing in this County. How would that change your daily grind? How about your quality of life? REALLY think about that for one moment. Okay, fine- go ahead and take three moments! It’s fun to dream, right?!

Now imagine what our County could be like if we had passionate people doing what they loved to do instead of living complacent lives. What would that look like for Atlantic City? Would it change things for us? Would the impact reverberate further? Limitless. We need passionate people to step up and bring what they’ve got the the table. We all have it in us... we just have to:

  1. Believe it (like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”) and


So that’s exactly what I did. I decided that I wanted to build something in this area that would change the game in my industry and make a positive impact in AC. So I combined all of my passions and created a team of hungry, humble, and smart real estate agents who fit my values and vibe. My goal is to lead them in a way that brings incredible value- not just to their businesses, but to their lives. I like to think of it as building people. I operate a people-building factory! Rad! I build awesome real estate agents and “squad members”, teach them to be excellent in real estate and business, give them the tools that they need to succeed, and empower them to change the game in our industry in a crazy positive way, providing value that defies the norm in our County...simply because it brings me joy to build others up! It feels deeply meaningful to me.

*Sidenote- Other things that bring me joy: family (both mine and the beautiful mess that is the family unit), the beach, all things home, music, Jesus, dancing, awesome food, yoga, surfing, organization, fashion, books, and medium Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffees. (4 creams-3 sugars, please and thank you.)

Back to you. STOP BEING SCARED TO LIVE A SUPER-RAD LIFE. STOP living under a ceiling of achievement. I’m giving you permission to live a “Ceiling-Less” life. This County depends on it. We need you to find your passion and create something amazing. I hope that this column will provide awesome inspiration, motivation, tools, and wisdom for your life and business and empower you to live a life without limits. Until next issue, I’m sending you peace, love, and good vibes from my beach chair to Your’s!


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