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Is It a Tumor?

I found a mass on my arm yesterday. Right on the back of my arm above my elbow. I was so thrown off and I panicked. Why in the world do I have a huge bulge on the back of my arm??? My immediate thought was to run to the closest urgent care. Is it a tumor?? What if I don’t make it? I definitely want Andrew Sciarretta to marry again. I mean my kids need a mom... I quickly rethought that. Nevermind. Kristin Babar and Michele Sciarretta can dual-mom them. He will stay single forever. 🤔I wonder if I can haunt them when I die? So like, if another chick hits on my (now) soon-to-be-widowed husband, I can freak her out and send her on her way. Okay that’s the plan. Exhale. I will die soon, and then haunt my family. I can deal. I make the most of every situation. I mean, I’ll be partying w Jesus, which is pretty sweet. I know my souls is saved. (Ps- is yours? Okay moving on)I was in a fog. My brain could not process what was happening. I felt around on my arm a little more. As I began to explore my tumor, I felt the other arm which had the same tumor. But then I realized that it was in fact not #twinning tumors, but triceps. Triceps. I have triceps. Not tumors. This was completely offputting to me, because I’ve never had triceps before. I’m sure I did when I was a gymnast as a young girl, but those days are obviously long gone. I’m 33 and I spent a year building a company from my computer, stopped dancing & teaching, & lost all of my muscle. I don’t know triceps except what are on the back of my super hot, no longer soon to be widowed (so back it up chickies!😆) arms. Apparently 4-5 days per week of hot yoga at Grace & Glory Yoga Northfield is starting to show. And I have triceps! And shoulders! And biceps! I have muscle from 1 month of yoga!.... but no tumors. ✊🏻👏🏻🙌🏻#hellzyeahchaturangas


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