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Clean to Sell!

Hey Y'all!

Preparing your home correctly to sell is one of the most important things that you can do to get the most value out of your home. A pristine home shows buyers, agents, and appraisers that your home is well maintained inside and out and gives Buyers confidence in you as the Seller! On the reverse, if your home is not cleaned well, it often worries buyers that the rest of the home has not been well maintained. It can also decrease value, by decreasing the buyer's, agent's, and appraiser's opinion on the "condition" of the home. Your home is one of, if not THE LARGEST investment that you have made, so take the extra steps to make sure that you get every dollar out of it! you deserve it! I have prepared a list of the important items to clean to prepare your him for sale. I've also added links of "how to" posts from Pinterest if you are not sure how to clean. I hope this checklist helps you deep clean your home before you list this Spring! Peace, Love, and Good Vibes, my friends!

**If you are planning on listing your home, and haven't yet signed with an agent, hover over the "About Me" button at the top of this page and click the "Contact" button! I will be in touch right away! So without further ado.... let's get cleaning!**

What to Clean

  • All Surfaces: (counters, table tops, shelves, etc) Don’t forget the corners!

  • Large appliances and small kitchen appliances that you leave on counter:

  • Oven:

  • Cabinets: Spray with white vinegar and warm water. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and wipe down with a clean rag. For gunk that has been stuck on for years, use a magic eraser.) Polish those cabinets and make them clean and sparkly! Or:

  • Floors: clean and polish hardwood, vacuum carpet. Do not use pet odor powder. It’s toxic & just smells like you’re hiding pet odors. Also, make sure to get the edges of the carpet! That is where the dust really collects. Clean tile floors like crazy. Black grout is likely not supposed to be black. Trust me. Scrub the heck out of linoleum floors!

  • Furniture: (vacuum sofas, remove stains if needed, dust, polish)

  • Sinks:

  • Pantry: vacuum floor in pantry and wipe down shelves.

  • Light fixtures/decor: dust and de-cobweb

  • Baseboards: use swiffer or vacuum to remove dust and debris, spray with same vinegar and warm water solution. Let sit, wipe clean) OR:

  • Ceiling fans: dust!

  • Windows and ledges: windex is still the best ever.

  • Bathroom surfaces:

  • Toilets: use a pumice stone to remove rings in toilet. Make sure to get the wax seal ring around the floor. And if you don’t normally do that… wear gloves cause it’s about to get real….good luck and god speed.

  • Shower: de funk that thing BIG time! A dirty shower is an easy way to detract buyers!

  • Grout: I can’t stress grout enough! Shower grout and floor grout!

  • Don’t forget the basement!

  • Walls and ceilings- use a stiffer dry mop to dust

  • Mirrors: Windex those babies!


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