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A Little Pink Office Reno

As a child, driving from the beach back home every day to Galloway, I’d pass this old run down pink office building on the side of the pike. . It had a real estate sign in the front for years before they tore it down. I wanted it. It was a great location. I’d have my own office and I’d be close to the beach! I could also see the brick apartments in AC where I came from. Dope. I love grassroots. It would be pink. Of course it would be pink! And I’d have the best people ever working with me in my office! But what would I DO in my office? 🤔I mean I’d def be running some kind of a company obviously .... but at this point, I was 8 years old. 👧🏻I had no life skills or experience. I didn’t even know what it meant to own or run a company. But I knew I wanted that. I didn’t know what kind of company it would be, but I did have a special cousins-only club, The VCA, which seemed like a solid option. For those of you who never heard of our elite club, VCA stood for “Vandal Club Agency.” (Ah, the life of the only girl in a sea of boy cousins) We fought vandals of any and every kind with our well thought out plans of attack. Plus my cousins were the greatest people I knew! (They still kinda are #sykesfam) “That’s what I’ll do!” I thought. “I’ll grow and advance the VCA!” And I’ll have my own office near the beach! And it’ll be PINK! Man, I can’t wait! i was 8.

Fast forward 25 years and my 6yo mini me is painting my office (2 BLOCKS FROM THE BEACH) bright. ass. pink. MY office. MY SQUAD’S OFFICE. In this office, I’m gonna build a company. A real estate and media team. And I’m going to love, motivate, inspire, and push people to live the life of their dreams, without limits. With the greatest people ever too. U better believe I will. I said it and I only speak true things. So I don’t have another option now! I have to! I said it when I was 8! I have to follow thru. Damn guys, If we could only understand the power of our mind, our hearts, our words (inward and outward) and the hustle behind it all.... 🤯💖I present to you the very first TSC HQ! 😭😍 #thesciarrettacollection #hustleandheart#peaceloveandgoodvibes


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