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Next Mastermind Event (tentative)
Thursday, June 16 2pm
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The Rockstar Mastermind is a group of local female business owners & company leaders who meet quarterly to learn, sharpen, support, & challenge one another. The goal is to drive our members to reach their potential, achieve the highest levels of success, and live a life by design, rather than by default.

The Mastermind is a place of business, leadership, & personal growth, where you can openly share the challenges you face in your business and both get & give advice and support. Most masterminds charge a membership fee. The Rockstar Mastermind is FREE, as it is one of the way that we at Rockstar Real Estate & Media Group fulfill our mission to connect, support, & empower our Community.


Although entrepreneurship may feel like you're on an island by yourself, all entrepreneurs face the same challenges in different forms. There is a wealth of wisdom to tap into, when business owners come together.


Topics we'll discuss

The Productivity Model

Goal setting, priority setting, strategy to achieve goals

The Economic Model

Tracking the numbers you need to succeed at the highest level

The Lead Generation Model

How to generate more business & close more sales

The Organizational Model

Recruiting, hiring, training, leading, & coaching top talent

The Budget Model

Business financials: understanding & tracking your profit & expenses

The Accountability Model

Time blocking & the 4-1-1 to hold yourself accountable


The Growth Model

Vision, mindset, personal growth


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YOUR NETWORK is your networth

The Rockstar Mastermind provides you with a community who will elevate your life. They say you are the sum of the people you hang around, so level up by hanging around with other driven local business owners who will energize you about your vision and goals, In addition, you'll be able to share business to business referrals.

IDEAS & feedback

No matter what industry you operate in, you'll have the opportunity to share your ideas and receive feedback from other experienced business owners. They'll help you brainstorm and perhaps even provide a different perspective and help you strengthen your strategies. You'll be able to do the same for them. This is where the gold is!


Everyone in the Mastermind brings different sets of skills, expertise, strengths and weaknesses. That's where the magic happens! You can lend your strengths to other members of the group and help them to grow in their areas of weakness. They will do the same for you. The Rockstar Mastermind will help you question your limiting beliefs, face your fears, and challenge you to do show up even better every day.


The Rockstar Mastermind is a resource you can tap into for support, advice and total celebration! We're a supportive community who celebrates your successes and understands your failures. We fully recognize the truth that the road to success is paved with failure, and we will remind you of that, when you begin to forget. 

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