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Enter to join our Green Smoothie Challenge! We'll send you a whole week's worth of nutritious + delicious recipes via email! You'll also be entered to win a giftcard to

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Green Shake
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The 30-Day Smoothie Challenge is designed to challenge you to CHOOSE health and vitality and begin creating healthy habits in your life. Feel your best, so you can LIVE your best!
In the green smoothie challenge, we will send you 30 days worth of smoothie recipes: 7 recipes each week inside 1 email. We will also invite you to the Simple Green Smoothies facebook group where you can post pix of your smoothies, check out what others are making, and get motivation and inspiration to make healthy changes in your life this Spring!
I began my own green smoothie challenge about 6 years ago, as a young Mom of toddlers. I don't know about you, but the Winter just kills my entire diet. With the lack of fresh produce, I end up live my life on processed food and carbs. I decided to give the challenge a try to reset my motivation and nutrition, and did it work?
Below are just some of the benefits I noticed:
 More energy
Improved mental clarity
Weight loss
Stabilized mood
More motivated to set other goals
Better skin and nails
Overall improved sense of health and wellness
This challenge is absolutely FREE for Rockstar Community members, so if you're ready, let's begin!
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Image by Nathan Dumlao
1. Subscribe to the challenge
2. Shop for ingredients
3. Blend & enjoy
Let's go green, Rockstar
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Image by Jan Sedivy
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