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Series 1 of the Nine Week Journal Series  is designed specifically to connect, support, & empower our Rockstar Community of women. During the first nine weeks, we will dive into a life coaching tool, called the wheel of life and shine light on key areas of our lives that we typically don't consciously think about. We will unpack topics such as:
Personal Growth
Physical & Mental  Health
Marriage/ Relationships
This series is perfect for the woman who wants to take on her year like Katniss Everdean in Hunger Games. It's for the Mama Bear who is ready to get comfortable getting uncomfortable in order to grow in every area of her life. Is that you? Are you ready to commit to one goal that will help you gain clarity on every other goal in your life? Then this is for you.
It's not for the faint of heart, but it IS for the GREAT of heart.
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Make this a year of extraordinary growth in your life.

1. Launch the email series by clicking below.
2. Block a time each week that you will commit to journaling. Put it in your calendar.
3. Brew a cup of tea or coffee 15 minutes before.
4. Locate a quiet locale with in a cozy setting
5. Take 3 deep breaths
6. Open your email, Read the prompt, Copy it into your journal and get to work! Dump everything onto the paper that you think in relation to that topic. 
Pro Tip 1: We recommend a ten minute meditation before journaling
Pro Tip 2: When it begins to feel pointless... keep going... the magic is just beginning.
Let's freaking grow, girl.
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cherry hill.png
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