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Hey, Rockstar! We are so excited begin a journey with you! Simply put, Rockstar Real Estate & Media Group is a squad with a massive vision for growth — growth in our brand, our organization, our businesses, our skill sets, our personal lives, and our culture. The mission of Rockstar Real Estate & Media Group is to create clients for life by providing the most excellent, high-level real estate experience from beginning to end, while connecting, supporting, and empowering our clients and Community. In order to accomplish our mission, we have three incredibly sharp focuses:


1. Creating the most excellent client experience.

2. Creating Moguls from the inside out.

3. Hitting our targets and goals.

Everything that we do is based on one or more of those core focal points with an added mission to connect support and empower women worldwide. Our culture is what allows us to create the ultimate experience for both clients and team members, which will lead us to our goals. As such, we are very selective with who we bring onto and into our squad. 

At Rockstar, we’re a tribe. So each and every team member must be a cultural fit and possess the skills, talents, and personality traits needed to do her job with integrity, professionalism, excellence, and a whole lot of fun. 


In order to select our Rockstars, we have a structured process, which is designed to make sure that this is the right fit for both you and us! Every team member goes through the same hiring and onboarding process and has the same set of standards to achieve in their particular role. The Rockstar Talent that we are looking for will be both a cultural fit and will hit the benchmarks of success in the role!


Before you begin, please be sure to read the entire Application Section. There is a lot of reading material in our Application Process. It is purposeful. You must understand who we are  before beginning a partnership with us.


I cannot stress this enough. It’ll be clear that you skipped ahead as soon as we have our initial expectations meeting and off boarding will proceed immediately after. We’re THAT serious about it, which means that the team members you will be working are THE dream team!


So let’s jump in and take a look at the process!

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Step 1

2021 Logos (1).png

Review our Agent value proposition

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Step 2

Read our Pineapple Manifesto


Step 3

Review the Job Profile

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Step 4

Take the enneagram test

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Take the DISC Assessment

Step 5

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Step 6

Fill out the application

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