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Hey there! I'm Christina Sciarretta, CEO of Rockstar Real Estate & Media Group and Chief Content Creator for The Rockstar Blog. Welcome! Here, you'll find a collection of posts, editorial work, and videos that are carefully crafted to motivate, inspire, challenge you as a human, a parent, and a homeowner. You'll find 3 main topics:

1. Lifestyle: this collection is dedicated to personal and professional growth and lessons I've learned throughout my life thus far. (Frequently updated, as I fail forward on the dizzle...that's Snoop Dogg for "daily".)

2. Parenting: this collection covers insights and lessons I've learned on parenting as a working MomBoss, as well as helpful, tangible tips to make Rockstar Momming a whole lot easier.


3. Home: this collection provides helpful tips and tutorials on all things home! From home design to home maintenance and organization, to buying, selling, and investing in real estate.